Facebook Messenger for BigCommerce

We are becoming more accustomed to having conversations to accomplish our tasks instead of using manual effort. Google, Alexa, Siri and more have trained us to be more conversational about everything. Whether it is booking an appointment with your favorite salon or switching on your alarm, you want to converse to get your job done. It only stands to reason that these conversational habits would also start translating into how we purchase items and interact with ecommerce stores as well.

Thankfully products such as Hatcher are making it very simple for BigCommerce stores to offer a conversational interface for their customers. 

One such conversational interface is Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger currently has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. Not only that, but 2 billion messages are sent back and forth between end users and businesses every month. This is a huge opportunity for BigCommerce stores to move consumers through the sales funnel and to boost your sales. 

Now that Facebook Messenger has introduced the ability to purchase products directly through the app, the opportunity is even larger than before.

This means Facebook Messenger is a great opportunity to set your brand and your company apart in the eyes of the consumer, if you can do it well. In this article, we will look at how you can achieve this using Hatcher.

Link Messenger to your eCommerce store

The first step is to link your BigCommerce store to your Facebook Messenger. After all, if Messenger isn’t linked to your site, it can’t reflect product updates, price changes and other information you need it to have.

Hatcher makes it super easy for you to connect your Facebook Messenger with your BigCommerce app once you install the Hatcher app from the BigCommerce store.  

This makes it easy for customers to contact you. They can either click Message Us from your online store or click Message on your business’s Facebook page.

Convenient Customer Support

Customers want lightning fast customer service and support, so your business needs to adapt. Luckily, with Facebook Messenger you can provide quick and convenient customer support to consumers around the clock, no matter where they are.

But this doesn’t mean you need to be sitting around, Facebook Messenger app open, and answering customer support questions all day, you can use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to handle customer service for you.

With Hatcher, you can easily create a Facebook Messenger chatbot to answer all of your customers’ pressing questions and concerns — without having to touch a line of code.

Lead Generation

Average email open rates range from 5.9% to 18.8% with a click-through of 0.4% to 2.1%. But Messenger sees open rates of 80% and click-through rates of more than 30%. That’s an incredible difference and means there is great potential for this marketing medium.

Collecting detailed client information in real time can be a huge success factor for your eCommerce business. Its power to engage potential leads can be used to build relationships, problem-solve, work on your brand reputation, and occasionally let your customers know more about what you offer… all which leads to quality lead generation.

Messenger can also re-engage potential customers who have previously ask about your business. It holds all past messaging in place so your customer service team can easily read back history and use it to nurture a lead to completion. This form of customer acquisition can be less expensive than more traditional routes, as it’s simply answering queries through a free messaging service.

Order Confirmation and Updates

With Hatcher, you can also offer your customers an opportunity to use Messenger to handle order and shipping confirmation. Send out tracking numbers, order updates and solicit feedback all from a single message thread.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

While improving the buying experience will certainly increase sales in the long run, you can also promote new products and offers directly to your customers via Messenger.

You already know their buying habits and their demographic information. You’ve established a line of communication. Now you can use this platform to remind customers of products they might want to check out or new promotions you have coming up which might interest them.

Build engagement with empathy

Empathy is a powerful tactic in your marketing arsenal. Empathy is showing another person you understand how they feel and what they’re going through. When people believe you understand them, they are more likely to buy from you.

Empathy from a chatbot is more difficult than with human interaction, but it’s still possible. Hatcher leverages its expertise in eCommerce to help build a Natural Language Processing engine that is optimized for ecommerce based conversations bringing in that much needed empathy with customers. 

Besides Hatcher also helps you to enhance your bot with sample conversations and mimic empathetic questions and responses. This can help you benefit from continued testing and improvement. Watch how your customers respond to new ideas and see which steps trip them up.

Offer a Way to Speak with a Real Person

Facebook Messenger is a great tool to engage with your customers but it too has its limitations. And the last thing you want to do is leave your customer frustrated with an unresolved issue. Instead of making things easier and quicker for them, you’ll only infuriate them before they call you angrily, decide not to buy and/or leave a scathing review on all your social media. Hatcher provides a seamless way to bring in human intervention whenever the customer needs it. 


BigCommerce makes it easier than ever to create your own online store. The setup and configuration is so simple, that often you just need to plug in your product and shipping information, ensure that you have a way to handle fulfillment and you are up and running in no time at all. Similarly Hatcher makes sure that you are up and running on Facebook messenger to engage with your customers in no time at all.

Your target audience is probably on Facebook multiple times throughout the day — aren’t we all? Why shouldn’t your eCommerce business be there too? Don’t miss out on using this powerful social media messaging app for your eCommerce business.

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